The Fourth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2008)

The Fourth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from May 14-17, 2008. The theme of the Congress, building on previous Congresses, is “Ethics, Evidence and Social Justice.” The Fourth Congress will offer the international community of qualitative research scholars the opportunity to engage in debate on ethical, epistemological, methodological and social justice issues. In these changing times, there are attempts to impose uniform bio-medical ethical standards on qualitative research. There are also increasing efforts to judge qualitative research in terms of experimental, or so-called scientifically based criteria. The politics of evidence and ethics carries important implications for how qualitative research is used in the pursuit of social justice issues. Participants will explore the relationship between these three terms and what these relationships mean for qualitative inquiry in this new century. If we as qualitative researchers do not take control of these terms for ourselves, someone else will. More information here